A "Systems" Approach

At Involvement Systems, Inc., we ensure a "systems" approach is used to obtain both short and long-term productivity improvements. This systems approach may include assessing the organizational environment, understanding and articulating the need for change, designing and implementing training, skill building, changing organizational structures, executing new routines, measuring and tracking results, and implementing reward systems.
Increased Employee Involvement
When employees get actively involved the work becomes more interesting, rewarding and fun. At Involvement Systems, Inc., we value skill building, not just training. We facilitate teamwork and experiential learning while teaching from the perspective that applied creativity is a mixture of both imagination and logic. Process skills are a cornerstone of our philosophy for increasing productivity in individuals and groups. We facilitate and encourage these skills in group participants, all the while recognizing the value of each participant's point of view.

Workshop Topics

Our workshop topics include the following: Creative Problem Solving, Facilitation Skills, TRIZ-The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, Team Formation and Team Building, Feedback, Coaching, Career Development and Leadership. We have used inventories such as Myers-Briggs, Firo-B, Kirton A-I, and the Strength Deployment Inventory to help individuals and groups enhance their awareness of how to utilize their strengths and be more effective.
Technical Background and Expertise
At Involvement Systems, Inc., we offer clients a unique feature: the expertise of our engineering backgrounds combined with strong "people" orientations. With our technical background, we help engineers and other technically oriented people balance their strong skills of logic and judgment with imagination and openness. We enjoy helping people understand and put to practical use what might appear to be vague or "soft" concepts and skills. Moreover, we have practical experience in managing technicians and managers, and we teach applied skills for use in daily situations.
We are experienced in facilitating meetings for clients who are wrestling with major issues. We assure clients that various angles and approaches will be considered when solving problems. The proven techniques we use help groups develop innovative solutions to root cause problems. Having a "good" idea isn't enough. We help clients develop detailed action plans and coach groups through the implementation process.

Our Success Rate

Our success rate with companies averages over a 25:1 payback, i.e. a company can expect to reap $25.00 of profit for every $1.00 spent with Involvement Systems, Inc. as a result of the work we do together. In April of 1995, one of our clients received the prestigious World Class Innovator Award as a result of their outstanding achievements in the field of creativity and innovation.

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